Established in 2000 by hospitality-industry leader Judi Gallagher, Judi Gallagher & Associates is a full-service hospitality consulting firm. With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Judi Gallagher & Associates provides global, cost-effective, and innovative approaches to enhance your business exposure through proven successful public relations strategies.

Judi Gallagher & Associates offers grassroots marketing and public relations consulting, media training and evaluation, cost analysis and service assessments.

Judi Gallagher & Associates is led by Judi Gallagher, a noted restaurant and hotel consultant, food and wine editor, and television personality. A Johnson and Wales graduate, Judi began her career as the owner of several successful Boston-area restaurants. After selling her restaurants and highly reputable dessert company, Judi launched her consulting business in an effort to share her knowledge of the hospitality industry with others. She works with a wide variety of clients, including national hotel companies and restaurants, boutique inns, shopping centers and fractional ownership resorts. Judi also regularly contributes to many local and national magazines, radio and television programs. Judi’s impeccable work in the industry has led to her reputation as a tastemaker and trusted resource for both clients and colleagues.

The Judi Gallagher & Associates team consists of nationally renowned writers; public relations, marketing and social media consultants; and media liaisons. Whether your business is a sole proprietorship or national corporation, Judi Gallagher & Associates has a solution that will increase profitability, media awareness, and overall success.

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