Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota

“ With contagious high energy and humor, Judi Gallagher is a great asset to any cause she undertakes. Her “can do” attitude helps motivate others often achieving success at a level which was never imagined. She is a joy to work with on any project and this is from someone who can barely boil an egg.”

Janice Zarro

Executive Director Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County

Flemings Prime Steak House and Wine Bar

Flemings Prime Steak House and Wine Bar enjoyed continuous Sales Growth through the results of Judi Gallagher and her team’s fine work! In the 35 years in the restaurant business I can honestly say she is clearly the best in the Public Relations business! Judi Gallagher and Associates not only delivered on her promise of putting our brand in all the prominent publications, Live Television, Special Events which significantly reduced our advertising expense but she went above and beyond to insure our positive brand message was delivered accurately to the existing and potential guests.

Judi was an excellent student of our brand. She spent countless hours studying our “points of differentiation” prior to presenting a cohesive strategic plan which placed us on the map in the media world resulting in sales increases beyond expectation. Judi pointed out to us in the early years of expansion that our partners needed special media training, along with effective grassroots marketing training to truly make us a success.

She trained and coached over 60 partners for live television, radio appearances, print media interviews along with the many other critical media touch points. Today, Flemings partners are becoming “Rock Stars”! In addition, our managers along with our partners have been fortunate to be trained by Judi on how to execute an effective “grassroots marketing” plan and achieve results!

Our people absolutely love her and what she has delivered to everyone’s success. I truly believe the positive chemistry she had with our people has alot to do with her many years as an owner operator in the restaurant business, she has a high level of respect for our people and never had a problem rolling up her sleeves to jump in and help when needed! Judi and her team are atypical of what you would expect from a professional public relations firm. We received unconventional wisdom and guidance from her as she delivered on the “extra’s’ which we call “above and beyond”! This was why she was given one of the most prestigious awards at the “OSI Partners Conference” in front of 2500 people for her achievements.

To this day, I continue to be impressed how her name in the media world is so well respected which garnered us media exposure in many different venues even when the media lines were consumed with “big stories” she was able to fit our story in. I have personally learned a tremendous amount of knowledge working with her and appreciate her introductions to people like “blank name” from the Wall Street Journal, Salvatore Ferragamo, (name some others for me pls only if it matters for you). We are all very blessed with Judi Gallagher and her team of professionals and wish them great success!


John DeNapoli

Stephanie Amberg Vice President of Public Relations, OSI

I have worked with Judi Gallagher for more than six years in her role as a public relations consultant for many OSI restaurant concepts. Her expertise in media training is unparalleled; she has trained our chef-partners and operating partners to interview and represent our businesses in the best light, consistent with our high standards of excellence. As a chef herself, Judi has a unique understanding of the demands of the day-to-day restaurant business, and incorporates that into her consulting philosophy, which leads to consistent editorial print, television and web coverage for our businesses. Judi Gallagher & Associates truly has the unique ability to bond businesses with their community.


Stephanie Amberg

Vice President of Public Relations, OSI