Grass Roots Marketing

A business’ relationship with the community is as fundamental to marketing and building trust as a bold Cabernet is to a perfectly grilled prime steak. Judi Gallagher & Associates knows that grassroots marketing introduces and extends your brand outside the four walls of your business. We are experts at creating unique events and experiences that build enthusiasm for your business.

Think of a fashion show in which the clothing is paired with a flight of wine that complements the style of the event. For example, a breast-cancer awareness event, in which pink is a prominent color, would be the perfect avenue to showcase your best French rose wines. Continue your grassroots marketing plan by donating back a portion of the profit you make on every glass of French rose wine sold in your restaurant throughout the month of October. This brings new guests into your business and continues to grow your existing grassroots marketing initiatives.

In short: Grassroots marketing is an out-of-the-box vehicle that builds loyalty, understanding of your brand, and brings an experience to others in an unexpected way. Click here to contact Judi Gallagher & Associates and see how grassroots marketing can work for you.